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Are there any liner notes included in my purchase?
A: Liner notes for albums purchased via digital download are not included as digital files; that is, they aren’t automatically transmitted electronically when you purchase an album in this format.  However, liner notes for all of Loreena McKennitt’s albums are available free of charge in the Explore the Music section of this website.  They are offered in PDF format.

What is the difference between the QR Shop Loreena McKennitt downloads and those offered by other providers such as iTunes?
A: Our files are Digital Rights Management free and are therefore compatible with most digital devices, playable on most audio programs and can be burned to CD.

Can I buy single Loreena McKennitt tracks?
A: The Loreena McKennitt audio files for sale via Quinlan Road/Maple Music are full albums only.

What countries are these Loreena McKennitt downloads available in?
A: Loreena McKennitt downloads available from Quinlan Road/Maple Music can be purchased from anywhere in the world.



Who receives the Free Full Album Digital Downloads?
A: With any audio disc purchased between October 7th, 2008 and January 31st, 2009, you will receive a single-use link to a free lo-fidelity (112Kb) digital download of that album. This offer applies to purchases of A Midwinter Night’s Dream, as well as to purchases of each of the other albums in our catalogue.

What is the file quality of 112Kb MP3?

This is a difficult question to answer. First, the digital downloads for sale from the QR Shop are offered as 256kbps and FLAC. Most digital download retailers encode their files at either 128Kbps or 192Kbps. In contrast Quinlan Road’s 256Kbps downloads are a very high quality for MP3s and our FLAC files (Free Lossless Audio Codec) retain 100% of the CD quality. 

The free, full-album digital downloads files being offered to shoppers by Quinlan Road are more compressed than the version offered for sale at 256kbps; that is, the files have been made smaller, so that they can be transferred more quickly.

The difference in sound quality between digital downloads transferred at 112kbps as opposed to 256kbps may be distinguishable on a high-fidelity audio play-back system.  To some listeners, the original digital file obtained from a CD might seem slightly clearer and may seem to have more “depth” than an album transmitted at 112kbps, but the character and essential qualities of the songs are still more than evident.

Those who were sent a link to download the 112kbps version of the album they purchased from the QR Shop will soon receive their CD in the mail.  At that time, listeners are welcome to create digital files of any quality with their own software.


Ho w do I access my Free Full Album Digital Download?
A: You will receive a single-use link in an email sent from Maple Music, the company that fulfills orders on items purchased from the QR Shop. The email will include your payment receipt as well as directions on how to access the free digital files.  Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase or your free download: justcurious@maplemusic.com.

How many Free Full Album Digital Downloads will I receive?
A: You will receive one single-use link to a Free Full Album Download per Album Title you purchase in the QR Shop.  If you purchase more than one copy of a particular album, you will receive only one link to download the lo-fidelity (112Kb) version of that album.

May I offer my Free Full Album Digital Download to a friend, or is it only for my personal use?
A: For audio file-sharing security reasons, the Free Full Album Digital Download is for the purchaser’s exclusive use only, as the download links are sent to the purchaser with the payment receipt. 

When does the Free Full Album Digital Download link expire?
A: The purchaser has 30 days to download the files, from the link provided with the payment receipt.

What if I have trouble downloading these audio files?
A: Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase or your free download: justcurious@maplemusic.com


What is the difference between MP3 and FLAC formats?
A: Our MP3 files are encoded at 256 kbps (near-CD quality) and are easy to download, easy to burn to CD, easy to transfer to portable players and sound great. However, MP3 files are compressed and therefore may not sound quite as good as the original source recording to a critical ear. FLAC is a premium format with "lossless" compression, meaning the source audio file is compressed, but without sacrificing any of the audio information contained in the master recording.

Why are your FLAC downloads more expensive than your MP3 downloads?
A: FLAC downloads are more expensive because they cost more to create and deliver to you. An album compressed to FLAC is generally five or more times the size of an album in MP3.

Why do I have to decode FLAC files?
A: FLAC decoding is necessary because the files are compressed. The decoding (or decompressing) of the file is handled in real time by your player's software, while you're listening to the music file.

What tool can I use to decode FLAC files?
A: FLAC files are decoded by your player's software as it's playing the files.

How do I listen to FLAC files?
A: FLAC files are playable in many popular audio players, including the following:


* Plugins are required for FLAC playback in WinAMP and Windows Media Player. More information about them can be found at their respective homepages.

Mac OS X:

For a longer list of players, please see the FLAC download page at: http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html


What do I need to be able to download from this website?
A: To play MP3s, you will need MP3 player software, which you probably already have on your computer:  when you open the song, your default player will start automatically.   For audio player suggestions, please see the answer above for How do I listen to FLAC files.   Software is only required to listen to the files.  No software is required to engage in the downloading process.

  • PDF files - you will need Adobe Reader.
  • ZIP compressed files (Windows) - Win Zip is a popular option.
  • SIT compressed files (Mac) - Stuff It is a popular option.

What are the minimum system specifications and the recommended system specifications for downloading files and playing them on my computer?

Minimum system requirements

  • 500MHz Pentium III or comparable
  • 64MB RAM
  • 15MB Hard Disk Space
  • 16bit Sound Card
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP

Recommended system requirements

  • 1.5 GHz Pentium IV or comparable
  • 128MB RAM
  • 30MB Hard Disk Space
  • 32bit Sound Card
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP

How do I download the album I have purchased?
A: Each track on the album is presented as an individual link for downloading. Once you click on the link you will be prompted to enter a save location on your computer.
** On a Mac computer, the contextual menu is accessed by a Control (CTRL)-Click.

How long will the albums take to download?
A: It will depend on the speed of your internet connection. MP3 files are approximately 2Mb for every minute of audio and FLAC files require approximately 7Mb for every minute of audio.

Can I download multiple albums simultaneously?
A: Although the Loreena McKennitt downloads available for sale by Quinlan Road are sold as full albums, the download links are presented as individual tracks. You cannot download the entire album simultaneously but in most cases you will be able to download a few songs at a time until the delivery of the album you have purchased is complete.

Can I download albums I've purchased from multiple computers?
A: No, the computer that you use to purchase the songs must be used to download the files.

Can I use a dial-up modem or do I need a cable modem or DSL?
A: The rule of thumb is the faster the better. You can download albums from Quinlan Road on a dial-up modem, but it may take up to 12 hours. We recommend against FLAC downloads by dial-up.

Where will the files be saved when the download(s) are complete?
A: It is important to save the files to a location that you can find on your computer. Most commonly, audio files are placed in the "My Music" folder found in "My Documents".

What format will the files be saved as when the download is complete?
A: When the audio files are purchased, they are in MP3 or FLAC format depending on which purchase option you choose.

Are the downloads zipped? Will I need unzipping software?
No, the downloads are not zipped. You will be downloading MP3 or FLAC files, depending on what you have purchased.

What happens if my download fails or I get disconnected?
A: Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase. justcurious@maplemusic.com.

If I lose my downloads, can I get replacements?
A: Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase. justcurious@maplemusic.com.

If I've purchased an album on MP3, can I upgrade to FLAC? How much will it cost?
A: Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase.  justcurious@maplemusic.com.


Can I play my Loreena McKennitt downloads on a Mac computer?
A: Yes, the files can be played on a Mac computer providing you have the appropriate player software. See above for a list of programs.

Can I use these songs on my iPod or iTunes player?
A: iTunes and iPods can play back MP3 files, but not FLAC files.

Can I copy downloads onto another kind of portable player?
A: You can copy the downloads onto any portable player that supports the MP3 or FLAC format.


Are the prices for Loreena McKennitt downloads via Quinlan Road/Maple Music quoted in Canadian dollars, US dollars, Euros or UK pounds?
A: All prices are in Canadian dollars.

How can I buy digital downloads if I don't have a credit card?
A: Unfortunately you may only purchase digital files online with a credit card.  Because the files are only accessible from the computer where the purchase is made, we are unable to process mail orders.

How can I contact a customer service representative at Maple Music?

Is the Maple Music site safe for credit card transactions?
A: Yes. Maple Music uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption provided by Verisign. The most advanced Web security available, this ensures all your personal details are encrypted while in transmission. MapleMusic wanted to go with the industry leader to be sure our customers will have the safest possible online transactions via the internet.

How will this purchase appear on my credit card statement?
A: Charges will appear on your credit card as Maple Core Ltd.

Can I cancel or change my order?
A: Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase.  justcurious@maplemusic.com.

Can I get a refund?
A: Please contact Maple Music regarding any questions or problems related to your purchase.  justcurious@maplemusic.com.